Favourite rural pastimes

If you come from the country and are a member of the outdated semi-socialist squattocracy also known as the National Party, you could be mistaken for thinking people gave a crap what you said simply because your party is in a completely inappropriate and opportunitistic coalition with the Libs. The Nats will soon discover how unimportant they are next month when the government starts flogging the rest of Telstra for real. But in the meantime, at least, people will have to endure a great deal of whinging on the topic.

Queensland Nationals MP Paul Neville isn’t fond of new CEO Sol Trujillo’s suggestion that local councils could work with Telstra to get better services in the bush.

“I’d like to see the detail of that but on first blush that says to me ‘well, we’re accepting now that the bush has got to take a lesser service’ . . . I simply want something better for my people than that and I’ll fight for something better than that.”

Yeah mate, OK, I can understand that a lifetime of government handouts, subsidies and tarriffs might give you a sense of entitlement but can you explain why, if you’re not prepared to pay more for services than your city cousins, you should receive equal service despite living in the middle of buttfuck nowhere were it costs a million bucks to put in a single phone line?

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  1. dag says:

    Hello mate. I can’t answer this comment in the detail it desrves. It landed on my blog under the heading of a poster of Jabotinski and the founding of the IDF.

    Ummm… you’re aware that Jabotinsky was a Jewish fascist? That he negotiated with the Nazis in an attempt to get his branch of the Zionist movment recognized by the Nazis as the representatives of Jews in “Europe of the New Order”? That he assisted the Nazis in murdering Serbs? And that when he ran out of Serbs to betray he assisted the Nazis in rounding up non-zionist Jews in exchange for members of his group being allowed to leave for Palestine? This lickspittle of Adolph Eichmann and Benito Mussolini almost single-handedly gave credibility to the anti-Semitic bigots who equate Nazism and Judiasm! Man, he wasn’t kidding about “the right to have our own villains” — he certainly was one!

    If you will, the comment is at my blog, and I would love to know how you respond to it. Jabotinski isn’t perfect but the writer above strikes me as a neo-nazi. Please advise.

    Thanks, Dag.–>

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