Newsflash: Alexander Downer is stupid

After Indonesian police claimed some of the ‘Bali nine’ had recently visited Indonesia under false passports, it was revealed one of the accused smugglers’ mother and brother work in the passport office. Opposition foreign affairs spokesperson Kevin Rudd challenged foreign affairs minister Alexander Downer “to provide immediate answers to the Australian people about the security of our passport system”. Which he did. Which makes me think Kevin should have come up with a slightly better challenge, such as to provide in-depth or satisfactory answers rather than just immediate ones.

Lord Downer’s argument appears to be that since the Department of Foreign Affairs has no record of fraudulent passports being issued, it obviously never happened. Is it possible, perhaps, that if you worked in the passport office and were (allegedly) issuing a false passport to be used by your son or brother to (allegedly) smuggle drugs you might not keep a record of it?! Isn’t that what fraud is?

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