Mouldy Camembert

Just got back from the Cockatoo Island Festival. Am very pleased to have gotten along to an event in Sydney while it’s still in its nascent phase. Unfortunately, it’s probably doomed to go the way of all other Sydney events like Tropfest or the noodle markets and end up overflowing with plebs and poseurs with hour-long queues for everything. Sigh.

This was something like my fourth attempt to see Monsieur Camembert (at Woodford their gigs were either overflowing or cancelled). What a let down. First they got everyone cheesed off by starting more than half an hour late, which they then explained as “technical difficulties”. Maybe I’d been spoiled by seeing so many other good acts today, but when they finally did come out they were rather on the nose.

So, Monsieur Camembert, some advice:

1. Get a drummer. You need one.
2. Treat your audience with more respect.
3. If you’re playing at a big event like Cockatoo Island, you might want to publicise that. For instance, by putting it on your website.
4. You’re not good enough musicians to be so up yourselves.

I mean, if someone had never seen a decent cabaret/klezmer band like Waiting for Guinness or Doch, I can understand how they might think Mister Fromage are kind of OK. But Waiting for Guinness muck around without being arrogant. Doch are a seriously professional, tight outfit who get away with showing off because they have talent to show. Camembert just don’t get it right at all. What a load of curd.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Right on! Those cheesy batards stink!

  2. Mr Cheese says:

    So mean, vealmince, but then I guess veal and Camembert don’t really mix!
    I’m a band member, and let me assure you the technical problems were absolutely beyond the band’s control, We weren’t being arrogant, if anything we were completely traumatised by keeping the audience waiting and the awful sound, the soundguys were unbelievably under-equipped and over-stressed, and I cannot fathom why you would blame this on the band. You may want to take down the establishmnet, but please try and be fair and rational in the process.

  3. Josh says:

    Geez, way to hold me to account for something ranty I wrote while I was annoyed more than a year ago.
    OK, the technical issues I’m sure weren’t MC’s fault. But I remember getting the impression the “technical issues” consisted of a band member being drunk or AWOL (or both) and that the band wasn’t taking it at all seriously. The stress and trauma didn’t come across that way.
    But still, it is possible I have been a grumpy poo-head about the whole thing. Will have to go to another gig.
    I reckon you could do a good veal cordon bleu with camembert, actually. Mmm, cholesterol.

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