Grunt! Mongo not agree!

It seems the Sydney Morning Herald is about as likely to print one of my letters as it is to give up publishing articles like Sue Ostler’s Bloke culture discovers its softer side that trade on worn-out and inaccurate gender stereotypes. Unlike its readers, the Herald never seems to tire of stories asserting that men have been thrown into crisis by changing gender roles and no longer understand “the rules”, that the solution to said crisis is the purchase of self-help books (such as those written by Sue Ostler) and that all women are inherently and infinitely more in touch with their emotions than all stunted Neanderthal blokes. If I were capable of showing any feelings, it would bore me to tears.

PS: By contrast, that evil Rupert mouthpiece The Australian published Blokes prefer an object with some meat on her bones by Edwina McCann, which was at least funny, not entirely based on stereotypes and didn’t explicitly advertise anything. Spot on Edwina, I agree wholeheartedly. Just don’t forget all those women’s magazines that spend so much time making women feel inadequate are published and profited from by crusty old men like your employer and his mate KP. If only women felt the same way about men, I’d be too busy fighting them off with a stick to write this.

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