A few months back I was half-jokingly suggesting some marketroid idiot would come up with a catchy name for people like me who can’t easily be pigeonholed into the usual definitions. Someone has. Apparently I’m a multividual, although I’m slightly too old to be one. Young adults “no longer belong to tribes but borrow from each subculture and reassemble it in their own personal style,” according to the SHM’s Julian Lee. This is supposed to be bad news for marketers.

This may be the last thing the marketing world wants to hear. For a generation, marketing orthodoxy has dictated that consumers are pigeonholed into neat boxes and labelled with snappy titles.

Yeah, but wait, isn’t that exactly what’s just happened? You’ve observed a cultural phenomenon — that people are less tribal and more eclectic — and pigeonholed those people into a neat box labelled with a snappy title. Do you feel better now? Do ya?

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