And a happy *&%$ing new year

Another political masterstroke, just a few days before Christmas the government announces yet another enormous budget surplus will be squandered on more bloody handouts for breeders. This less than a week after all those dire warnings the economy was in trouble and the housing market was crashing.

Ha! It’s not crashing to the point where I could ever afford to buy a house in Sydney, is it? All those poor investors fleeing the market, my heart bleeds for them, fucking whingers. Oh wait, does this mean there’ll be fewer rental properties and my rent will go up? Undoubtedly.

Can someone also explain to me why the federal government never does anything with the enormous surpluses that I helped pay for except hand out money to everyone but me?! I don’t own a house and don’t have any kids, ergo, I don’t exist as far as either major party sees things. In other words, all those home owners, investors and breeders are mooching off me. I pay more tax than they do, and I consume more of my income on GST-attracting goods and services. And it’s time I got something back, you fuckers!

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