Merry f#&%ing Christmas

PM Howard (*sigh*) criticised Sydney City Council’s announcement that it was only wasting $600,000 this year on Christmas bollocks as “political correctness from central casting”.

“The most significant thing is, I have never met a Jewish person or a Muslim Australian who wants us to stop celebrating Christmas. This is the ridiculous thing about this blanding out of any kind of distinctive identity that we might have,” he warbled to John Laws (of course).

First of all that’s a technically a lie. You have met me once, and I want people to stop celebrating Christmas — at least in the crass, commercial, invasive and terribly, terribly boring way it’s done these days. It’s not a religious festival about some important historical figure called Jesus, it’s a commercial festival about blowing out your credit card to irresponsible levels.

And no, recognising that people have different cultures is not boring. Attempting to enforce a monoculture of your particularly bland version of white Anglican conservatism is much more boring. That’s blanding out our distinctive identity, you hypocrite.

If there’s one thing more boring than listening to the PM crap on about it with his favourite lap dogs like John Laws, it’s hearing his every utterance faithfully reported in the rest of the media as if anything he says has the slightest bit of wisdom, intelligence or importance.

What arrogance! Does he now presume to be the moral and cultural mouthpiece of the Australian people, just because a few more people voted for the party of which he is currently leader than for some other party?

Go away and celebrate Christmas in whatever way makes you happy, John, but don’t try to enforce your cultural values on others and don’t defend the indefensibly crass commercial opportunism “Christmas” now represents in this country.

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  1. Josh says:

    Ah, but don’t you see, vealnuts, you are clearly un-Australian because you don’t celebrate Christmas. Un-Australian! Do you hear me?!

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