So five minutes ago

What do you know, bloggers are famous: Miranda Devine has discovered the blogsphere. What a hip, young with-it person she is.

Apprently, bloggers are really good at spotting forgeries and picking up mistakes made by the mainstream media, viz, a CBS 60 Minutes report on documents that “proved” George W shirked his National Guard duties, which turned out to be fakes. Apparently nobody at CBS can tell the difference between a document put together on a 1970s typrewriter and one written in Word and printed on a laser printer, but those wily bloggers spotted the mistake instantly.

Now in Miranda’s mind, this proves there is a left-wing conspiracy to tarnish the reputation of her beloved W, and furthermore, that there is no evidence he was actually a draft-dodging rich-kid who spent the Vietnam war at home getting tanked when even a cushy National Guard posting organised by his Pa turned out to be too much like hard work.

“The good news for consumers of journalism is that journalists are increasingly on notice from the pedantic fact-checkers of the pyjamahadeen,” concludes Miranda. The irony is clearly lost on her, the pedigree puppy of Australian journalism: overpriced, so inbred she’s thick as two planks and makes a lot of loud, annoying yapping noises (insert your own bitch gag here).

Of all the right-wing idiot columnists in this country, I’m fairly sure Miranda tops the list for most reviled in the blogsphere (see, I’m hip and with it too!). Despite Miranda’s hipness, she evidently lacks the intelligence or research skills to, say, do a google search on “Miranda Devine” and “blog” — because she’d discover some uncomfortable truths there about how many bloggers have picked apart her own writing for inaccuracy and plain stupidity.

There’s her love affair with fellow ABC-basher and family friend Tim Blair, her constant ignorant feminist bashing, more feminist bashing, her pro-war cheerleading, her membership of the hysterical end of the right-wing commentariat, her overuse of the old left-wing elite establishment chestnut, ignorantly slagging off prison guards, and so on. By contrast, right-wing bloggers who agree with Miranda generally tend to do so by block quoting entire sections of her columns. “Yeah, what she said!” is about the intelligence level of discussion for most Devine supporters.

And blogging is about the only way Miranda’s critics can get any airtime, because for some strange reason the Herald never publishes letters critical of the Devine one. I’ve written several myself; not one has seen the light of day. Paddy McGuinness’ piece in Crikey a few weeks back goes some way to explaining it, but I suspect the Herald treats Miranda’s ego with two pairs of extra-soft kid gloves. It’s pathetic.

If Miranda is writing about blogs now, they must have been cutting edge a long, long time ago . . .

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Down with Devine. Vote Democrat!!!

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