Erection problems

Why is it I find myself dreading the next six weeks until the federal election? Hmmm, let’s see. For starters, political ads are allowed to make claims, no matter how outrageous, and they don’t have to be true. Neat! Here are my suggestions:

John Howard got stuck into a Greens party policy that advocated harm minimisation strategies for social drugs like ecstasy. Greens leader Bob Brown denied the party planned to supply drugs over the counter. But if you take a look at this awful video from The Greens’ website, Bob Brown can clearly be heard saying to Big Brother reject Merlin Luck, “Merlin, I found your E.” Coincidence?!

Are we honestly expected to believe Trish Worth’s gaffe comparing refugees to cats and dogs was just a poorly phrased simile? Or was it perhaps a sly nudge-nudge message to all those bigots who supported the Coalition in 2001 after they co-opted all Pauline Hanson’s policies? “Hey guys, not to worry, we’re still racist, but those politically correct elites and the Jews in the media won’t let us say it in public.”

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