Lies – update

Today the Government asked the Australian Electoral Commission to investigate if has any connections to the Labor party.
This would be the same AEC that did nothing about Tony Abbott’s Australians for Honest Politics fund, of course. Let’s see, according to AAP, “The conveners of recently told AAP in an email that no-one involved in creating the site was a member of a political party.” Case closed! When the AEC looked into Tony Abbott’s slush fund, they stopped investigating after he claimed he’d had legal advice that it was all OK. If it was good enough for Tony, surely it should be good enough now!
Meanwhile, has been taken off the air since this morning. Coincidence? The publishers say no. “To all those thousands who have been visiting the site and emailing us today, we’re sorry the site is down. You can be assured that it is not down because of today’s actions by the Federal Government. It is an unfortunate coincidence.” Gee, and I thought I was the only paranoid conspiracy theorist out there . . .

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